Will private medical laboratories continue to operate in Chelyabinsk |  74.ru

Will private medical laboratories continue to operate in Chelyabinsk | 74.ru

We are now witnessing a so-called “late” demand for laboratory research. This is due to the improvement of the sanitary and epidemiological situation of infection with the new Corona virus. Reducing and easing the occurrence of restrictions, as well as resuming planned assistance to state medical institutions, provides an opportunity for health care, says Svetlana Ovsyanikova.

Over the past two years, the number of laboratory clients has increased significantly. In the context of the pandemic, residents have appreciated the modality of the presence of medical offices “close to home”, the service of the departing team to conduct examinations at home. Strict segregation of customer flows for testing for coronavirus infection and other tests was conducted to reduce the risk of transmission and also contributed to the growth of customer confidence.

Since the early months of the novel coronavirus infection epidemic, it has become clear that polymerase chain reaction (PCR) studies are playing a leading role in detecting the disease, which means that the company must participate in testing COVID-19. In the shortest possible time, progressive medical technologies have developed and applied new protocols for working with biomaterials, consumables and purchased equipment. The result of these efforts was the launch of a PCR test the next day after official approval was obtained.

“Each subsequent wave of the pandemic required us to increase laboratory capabilities. Every employee in the company, from couriers and nurses to doctors and IT professionals, felt the increased workload. Additional jobs were created.

Now, when the demand for PCR studies has decreased significantly, the company is gradually returning to the “pre-Covid” work schedule for medical offices, which means it is approaching its customers again.

At the same time, the company notes that the increase in the number of patients with diabetes and autoimmune diseases and the increase in the number of patients with impaired hemostasis and the risk of developing blood clots are just a few of the consequences of infection with the Corona virus. behind.

“Even after months of recovery, patients come to us who do not feel well and cannot return to their previous active lives. These consequences require the close attention of medical professionals and laboratory assistance, R. With so many complaints, it is medical analyzes that help determine which device or system is most susceptible to infection,” notes the company’s CEO.

The company “Progressive Medical Technologies” was created and operates in the Chelyabinsk region for residents and guests of the Southern Urals.

– We hope that our many years of experience, the responsible attitude of the employees, as well as the trust and support of our customers and partners, will allow us to survive in the new socio-economic conditions. I would like to wish all Chelyabinsk residents and residents of the region good health and prosperity, ”says Svetlana Ovsyannikova.

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