Why her experience is being recognized as unique – Surgut News

Why her experience is being recognized as unique – Surgut News

Yugra continues to expand in the regions of Russia. This week, the delegation of the Surgut region returned from Novosibirsk, where they participated in a scientific and practical conference. Representatives of large Russian universities in our country and abroad, representatives of different regions arrived. It was about young people: about their work, their aspirations, their problems and, of course, the ways to solve them.

“what or what As for our experience, I would like to note that it was recognized as unique, entered into the practice of this conference, recommended for publication, will be included in the publication and included in the resolution. “We work, first of all, for remote settlements and provide an opportunity to achieve a youth presence in remote settlements,” said Olga Kochurova, Director of the Department of Education and Youth Policy of the Surgut District Administration.

What do you do in a small and remote settlement? This question is unlikely Something The city dweller will respond positively. A blockage immediately appears in the mind, clicking on the seed and the boys chasing the ball across what they call a field. You can completely forget about these outdated stereotypes just by looking at the youth center in Ugut.

Homes It was boring, but you go here – and the mood immediately improves, there is something to do, play with friends, communication develops, so I am very happy with this, ”says Vlad.

Since it opened at the end of January this year, the youth center has been packed with visitors. Every day 40 boys and girls come here.

“over here We have a common work area. Here we also hold master classes, and a lot of career guidance events. We cooperate with educational institutions of the city of Surgut. Visiting professionals from universities come to us and hold career orientation events. A week ago, specialists from Surgut University came to us. “Now our guys have finished the ninth grade, and they are deciding where to go,” says the head of the youth center Natalia Vinogradova.

Here you can immerse yourself in virtual reality, learn how to control a quadrocopter, play esports games with friends online or learn the art of photography.

“I The beginning of the illustrator. It turns out I had one photo gallery that I won. I came here to take pictures and chat with other guys. We go to photography lessons. We are engaged, preparing for and attending some events. “Now we are preparing for a photo exhibition based on the book,” said the young photographer.

Recently, a professional printer was purchased for young photographers, and now the youth center has a full-fledged photo studio. The space is being developed, and it is likely that new equipment for the electronic area will appear here soon.

– You don’t need laptops. We need fixed tools, so that at least two teams of three people can be present, – Says the head of the Surgut district, checking the location of future battles.

Andrei Alexandrovich, I will also say that the tournament was held, and we realized that 4 was the best option and that additional tournaments were needed.

– Put a six, do not argue, The head is cleared.

“Stupid I repeated several times to refuse technical progress, you can either step aside or lead this work. We took the second path, what if the second Elon Musk grows here in our settlement? We need to create conditions for him to show his talents, ”believes Andrei Trubetskoy.

There are already 4 such centers in the Surgut region, the opening in Barsovo on the way, Williamina and Sitomino are next. And it all started as an experiment. Today, not only residents of the municipality have no doubts about its success. The experience of establishing youth housing was presented at the International Scientific and Practical Conference “condition Youth policy: practices and strategies.

“we He presented a completely different view. We have centers for developing innovative competencies. These are primarily centers for the development of digital technologies and creative industries. Olga Kochorova explained that our peculiarity, our centers, is not the usual organization of leisure time, as it always was.

But the centers are only a part (Leaves and an important part) of youth policy for the region. The municipality has one of the strongest volunteer movements. Approximately 70 volunteer detachments were created in the settlements. Most of the participants are children and adolescents. This fact was also not ignored at the Novosibirsk conference. Especially the work of men in the midst of a pandemic.

“For Large universities of Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region, for them, this experience has become unique: how a person without medical training can go to medical institutions, give medicines, provide assistance not only to residents, but also to the clinic itself, ”commented the chief specialist youth service policy In Surgut district administration Valentina Khomotovskaya.

Experts note qualitative changes in youth policy in the region. Work methods have changed with the new generation. Commitment and being active for the sake of activity has become a thing of the past. In their place comes a dialogue with those for whom this important work is being carried out.

“BeforeAfter all, there was an initiative for young people from above, and now we are trying to communicate with young people to understand what is interesting to them. What prospects do they see for themselves? Our media team became the winner of the All-Russian competition for the budget of the initiative. “This is a unique experience for the region,” Valentina Khomotovskaya added.

Now members of the media team are launching several online platforms in social networks at once, where they will talk about life in the settlements and present it on web pages. This will result in a network of blogging and journalism projects that will virtually connect the municipality’s settlements. And all this with the efforts of the youth of the region. They, of course, are not alone. Nearby there are adults who speak the same language with them, and when there is understanding, it is easy to do great things.


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