Why does the medical sector in the Tyumen region need IT specialists

Why does the medical sector in the Tyumen region need IT specialists

No queues and paper medical records. This is not a fantasy. This is already a reality. In Tyumen, today’s technologies are introduced that make the work of doctors and the life of patients more comfortable.

They were the first to help launch a large digital operation in Tyumen medicine. In clinic 17, in the pediatric department, there is only one registrar. There are no paper medical records for patients whatsoever. Queues too. Here they help register for public services and plan visits electronically. The chief medical officer says doctors, too, are constantly evolving.

“we We are developing in terms of analytical systems for managers, managerial decision-making, and there is an information-analytical system, said Tatiana Klichevnikova, chief physician of the city polyclinic No. 17.

The clinic has its own navigation. Opportunities are unlocked by QR code. After downloading, the program offers an audio guide so you don’t get lost in the trails. Each physician has their own digital assistant. In the electronic program – the history of all patients. The resource is constantly being improved. Suggestions from patients are also accepted. One of them is that an appointment with doctors in the mobile application should be more detailed.

“Which– Doctor, some Ivanova. In which office is she? I have to go to the front desk again, stand in line and know which office I’m going to,” complains the patient.

They promised to fix the bug. In this, developers are helped, among other things, by artificial intelligence. For example, it recently processed patient data and integrated people with heart risks into an electronic system. And for the prevention of diseases, one emergency medical dispatch service is being developed in the region.

“He. She A big, big project. Its goal is to see any patient, the correct diagnosis before the hospital stage. The main thing is to reduce deaths, work on the causes of death, said Natalia Shevchik, deputy chairman of the Tyumen Regional State Duma.

But for digitization to go according to plan, more than a hundred IT professionals are needed. Those who are willing to work regardless of foreign products.

“He. She Russian information system, which has all the security requirements. If we talk about a staff shortage, today we need IT security specialists, said Alexei Nemkov, deputy director of the health department of the Tyumen region.

“need to Targeted training. We can say: we have many universities, we can do this. Yes we can, but we have another problem. Public sector salaries are not high enough to retain these professionals. We are discussing this issue now, said Galina Ryzyabova, deputy chairman of the Tyumen Regional State Duma.

We also discussed the issue of cooperation with private clinics today. In order to standardize patient databases. To keep the digital revolution in healthcare going without a fight. Peacefully and at the same time.


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