What books are popular with children

What books are popular with children

I think something really magical can happen
When you read a good book.
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Choose parents and children love it?

We live in a world where the buyer and consumer of a product are not the same person. That is, books are bought by parents, but they are intended for children. And, of course, the publisher, in conditions of intense competition, directs its efforts first of all to the buyer.

It turns out that the child’s interests, tastes and views fade into the background. 10-20 years ago, the book market was focused only on the buyer, but now the situation is changing. For example, the motto of our publishing house: “Make our children happy!”.

In the Russian market, classics more than a hundred years old play an important role. Of course, they should be in every home. The turnover of classic children’s works and contemporary works is 80%-20%, and vice versa worldwide.

I suppose Russian parents chose not to take risks and not to struggle to find something the child would like. Chukovsky, Marshak and Dragunsky were read to them, most likely, the books were kept in the home library, so they were passed on to the children.

But the older the child, the wider the circle of communication and interests. At the stage of choosing books, it is better to focus on children above all. Whether it is useful for them, it is important whether they like the illustrations, whether they want to look at the cover, etc. The interests of the child become paramount.

Classics are pressed

If earlier this list included only the classics, now new names have appeared at the top of the most published children’s authors in Russia. The unchanging leader is not the first year Korney ChukovskyBut now they are following him Elena Yulieva And the British holly web.

With the help of storytelling, Elena Uleva reveals dozens of topics: for example, why the wind blows, it rains, the grass is green, animals are different colors.

Heavy fairy tales, poems and encyclopedias that were in our childhood are not enough for modern children. They see information differently – much more and much faster.

“Animal World” Igor Akimushkin It is 464 pages. Are you reading this book to a three-year-old? Doubtful. This is why the market is full of children’s fantasy movies. The human body, space and even rocket science with quantum physics – any topic in a format that is understandable even for the smallest.

These books are produced in a “baby” format, that is, on cardboard, with a small number of pages and with large, bright illustrations.

Changing bookshelves and older children. If earlier they were surrounded by books collected by their parents, a variety of school and city libraries, now the variety of books has grown exponentially.

Many opportunities are available to modern children: a variety of products from independent children’s publishers, you can read electronic books even in foreign languages, and also make purchases in bookstores yourself.

The book market itself has also undergone tremendous changes. Not only prominent writers, but also movie stars or stars of the music industry have the opportunity to publish their books, and the self-publishing market is also growing, in addition, the development of printing houses has a great impact on the market.

New Formats for “People of the Future”

Masha Rubasova He writes that in order to write a book that will interest the modern child, one must be aware of the biggest competition for children’s attention. Thirty years ago, a children’s imagination contest was stories about Lenin and playing dodgeball in the yard. Now for children at their disposal a variety of worlds created by specialists from different countries. Movies, cartoons, top-notch books, video games!

Perhaps that is why many publishers today are trying to experiment with the form of books, looking for ways to interest the young reader, to make him an active participant in the process. Kids love storyboards, wimmelbuchs, pop-up books, picture books, and activity books.

It is important that the book is written in a clear and modern language, not every child in 2022 will be able to understand the problems of the Soviet people or know what rotating or push-button phones looked like.

The Dipper and Mabel series is a good example of a project geared toward today’s children, whose interest books need to compete. The peculiarity of the book is that you can choose the development of the plot yourself. Parents want to instill a love of reading in their children, and it is good that many of them now understand that it is not enough just to leave a pot of Pushkin on them until the child begins to read.

“My son is 11 and he does not like reading, at least school literature, so I only buy books that interest me. I started doing it from Minecraft comics. Then I started buying small encyclopedias of the Disney series, again as per my interests. He was reading It’s been a week now, and I’ve even read some stories.” Feedback from labirint.ru.

For young smartphone lovers, create books with augmented reality. These are ordinary paper books, but with QR codes, and through a special application, illustrations appear on the screens of a smartphone or tablet.

Similar books are being created for the smallest, but the technology is not yet popular, and if such a book is simply put on the shelf, it will be lost, and its promotion will take many times more time and effort. The potential of augmented reality books is huge, but the difficulty lies in the fact that while consumers, i.e. parents, stick to the classics, it is difficult for them to explain that a smartphone can be a guide to a child’s book world.

The future of children’s literature depends on whether we begin to take children, their desires and tastes seriously, and remember that the purpose of reading is primarily fun. First of all, children need to love the book, learn to make independent choices. And parents learn to accept it.

10 modern books for kids and teens to watch out for


Almost a detective story, told by a young man from the petroleum age on the pages of his diary.

Mikhail LoginovPublishing house “Abrakazyabra”. Perfect for reviving history for today’s school children.

generous tree

Shel Silverstein. Publishing house “Malik Bashaev”. Children, frozen with pleasure, can watch these hand-drawn stories for hours.

Why don’t birds fall?

Ilya KolmanovskyPublishing house pink giraffe. Read a book + listen to Kolmanovsky’s podcast = Show science to a child in a fun way.

ABC Facts

Publishing house Maher. Lyudmila PetroshevskayaAnd the Boris AkuninAnd the Alexander ArkhangelskyAnd the Boris GrebenshkovAnd the Tatiana MoskvinaAnd the Andre Belzo: 33 alphabets, 33 names that are important to Russian culture, and 33 concepts that teens can think of and think about with authoritative adults.

20 riddles of Russian history

Tamara EdelmanPublishing house “Walking in History”. Who loves history and wants to feel like a real detective looking into the mysteries of the past.

I’m not a brake

Nina DashevskayaPublishing house kick scooter. To see in rude and stubborn teenagers not only good children, but also wonderful children.

Pencil Championship

Perfect for active, mobile kids and co-workers.

brutal detective

Anna StarubenetsPublishing house “Abricobox”. A parody of the classic detective noir, it may seem at first glance childish and adorable, but in fact it will also please the adult reader.

Detective Pierre solves the case

Hiro Kamigaki And the IC4DESIGNPublishing house myth. This book toy will keep the child occupied for over an hour.

When the bear is in love

Irina ZaratyskayaPublishing house “Polandria”. About a wonderful feeling of warmth that can change the world around him, and even make a wonderful huge teddy bear, sweet and affectionate.

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