Western propaganda does not find support among the southern Urals

Western propaganda does not find support among the southern Urals

The propaganda machine in the West is trying to prove that Russia’s efforts in Ukraine are aimed at goals other than de-Nazification. However, these attempts do not find support among the residents of the Chelyabinsk region.

Andrey Lavrov: Western propaganda does not find support among the Southern Urals

Political scientist Andrey Lavrov, photo by Oleg Kargapolov (Visherny Chelyabinsk)

I’m sure about that Andrey Lavrov, APEC representative in the Chelyabinsk region.

The process of the collapse of the Soviet Union caused a rapid growth of nationalist sentiments in all its parts. The question is how the newly emerging nations have dealt with this threat. In some countries, for example, in Russia, there was an active struggle against the instigators of such sentiments until the actual time, where somewhere the work was less successful, and somewhere the nationalists were frankly supported, they became part of the political system. This was most clearly manifested in Ukraine, and in Russia it was perceived very painfully, especially since the fight against Nazism was always perceived as the ties that unite the post-Soviet space. And now the whole Western propaganda machine, working against our country, is trying to prove the opposite, that the special operation is targeting something else. As research and social analysis of social networks shows, these efforts, fortunately, do not find support among the population of the South Urals, he notes.

The vast majority of Russians (88%) believe that neo-Nazi organizations operate in Ukraine and that their presence poses a threat (76%) to Russia. These data were obtained by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion.

In addition, respondents believe that the Kyiv authorities support the neo-Nazis (70%). The most common answer to the question about the purpose of the special operation was the need to prosecute the Ukrainian Nazis for their crimes (45%). Also, among the goals of the special operation, the participants of the VTsIOM noted the introduction of criminal responsibility for Nazi propaganda in Ukraine (32%).

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