West Siberian Oil Transit Joins All-Russian Movement

West Siberian Oil Transit Joins All-Russian Movement

Employees of the oil pipeline company joined the All-Russian campaign “Books for Donbass!” Volunteers organized a collection of children’s literature for shipment to residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Thus, oil pipeline workers decided to support the Donbass libraries, helping them replenish the stock of their books so that children and teenagers could read their favorite books in Russian.

It is symbolic that literature is transmitted on the eve of World Children’s Book Day. The bulk of the books are the works of authors who today belong to the Golden Fund – Victor Dragunsky, Alexander Pushkin, Anton Chekhov, Vitaly Bianchi. In addition, the staff brought encyclopedias and educational literature – says Alexander Perin, an activist in the volunteer movement.

Even the children of the employees participated in the work. For example, third-grader Matvey Lukashenko bought books for children of Donbass schools that he likes to read himself.

The collected books were delivered to the collection point in the Omsk regional branch of the United Russia party. The party representatives thanked all employees of the organization for participating in the event.

Support for cultural organizations is one of the main directions of the company’s charitable and voluntary activities. Since 2014, Transneft-Western Siberia JSC has been a permanent partner in the literary project “Reading is the holiday of the soul”, which is being held in the library of the Palace of Children (Youth) creativity in the city of Omsk. Every year the company finances the renewal of the library’s book fund and the purchase of gifts for participants in artistic and literary competitions.

Houses of local and rural culture, dance groups and school libraries from the Tyumen region to the Krasnoyarsk Territory do not go unnoticed by a large company. From 2019 to 2021, the company allocated more than two million rubles for its development.


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