Tsifromed became the sole executor of Ministry of Health contracts to develop a unified state health information system

Tsifromed became the sole executor of Ministry of Health contracts to develop a unified state health information system

Digital Medical Services LLC (Tsifromed), 49% owned by Varmandard and 51% Rostelecom, authorized to conduct public procurement for the needs of the Ministry of Health and the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia. The company will work to complete the sub-systems of the Unified State System in Health Care (EGISZ) throughout the next year.

Tsifromed LLC has been identified by the government as the sole outlet for public procurement undertaken by the Ministry of Health and the FMBA, as well as a number of its federal institutions for the development of information systems. The corresponding order was published on October 22 on the official portal of legal information.

According to the document, until the end of 2022, the company will guarantee only the purchase of goods, works and services related to the creation, development, implementation and operation of subsystems of the unified state health information system, as well as technologies and platform solutions. To ensure communication with them from regional industry information systems. Tsifromed will remain the only public procurement contractor for the FMBA’s consolidated medical management information and analytical system for Russia until December 31, 2021.

The list of medical institutions whose public procurement will be carried out by the company includes the Central Research Institute for Health Care Regulation and Information, the National Center for Medical Research. VA Almazov, National Research Center of Medical Oncology named after NN N. Blokhin, NMITs AGP them. cad. in and . Kulakova, National Medical Research Center for Treatment and Preventive Medicine, National Research Medical Center for Pulmonology and Infectious Diseases, Saint Petersburg Pediatric Medical University, Federal Center for Information Technologies for Severe Problems, Center for Strategic Planning and Management of Medical and Biological Health Risks FMBA.

Cifromed LLC was established in July 2019 as a joint venture between Rostelecom and Rostec. Now a subsidiary of Pharmstandard JSC National Digital Healthcare Ecosystem holds a 49% stake in the company, and 51% remains with Rostelecom, SPARK data tracks. MB announced approval of the transaction by the Federal Antimonopoly Service in April 2021.

Revenues of Severomed Ltd. increased from 811.1 million rubles. In 2019, up to 5.7 billion rubles. – In 2020. Earnings increased from 47.2 million rubles. It amounts to 178.7 million rubles. In 2021, the company signed a contract for the development and maintenance of special software for managing the supply of medicines for residents of the Moscow region in the amount of 52 million rubles.

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