The State Duma will open up new opportunities for service in the Russian army

The State Duma will open up new opportunities for service in the Russian army

A bill on the abolition of the minimum age for concluding the first military service contract was submitted to the State Duma, the authors of which were members of United Russia – Chairman of the Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov and his first deputy, Andrei Krasov. Now, according to the Law on Military Service and Military Service, Russians up to 40 years old and foreign citizens up to 30 years old can conclude the first contract. To be at least 18 years old. The amendments propose to remove the upper limit of the law for entering into contract service for the first time. The minimum age for former contractors who decide to return to service again is still 50.

405,000 contract soldiers are currently serving in the armed forces, according to Defense Department data. “For the use of high-precision weapons and the operation of weapons and military equipment, highly professional specialists are needed. Experience indicates that they become so at the age of 40-45,” states the explanatory note to the document. It should be noted that this will help to attract specialists in popular specialties, which relate mainly to civilians – medical support, engineering, maintenance, operation, communications, etc. – for military service under the contract.

Krasov said that the introduction of the bill is not related to the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine. “We give the opportunity to conclude a contract and perform tasks in the field of defense and security to people with highly professional skills. We recognize that expertise in certain disciplines comes with age: at age 40-50, there is a very rich experience that should be used for defense purposes as well,” Krasov said. Removing the age barrier will allow its recruitment regardless of the situation associated with a special military operation in Ukraine, says Ivan Konovalov, director of the 21st Century Technology Development Fund.

29 days

Occupied the siege of “Azovestal” in Mariupol. On May 20, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, said that the head of the military department, Sergei Shoigu, informed the president about the completion of the operation in Azovstal and the “complete liberation of the plant” from the Ukrainian. forces. According to Konashenkov, the group was banned there on April 21

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Alexander Borody (United Russia) told Vedomosti that among the fighters there are many Russian citizens over 40 years old. But they are on the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ukraine as volunteers, he says: for example, there are about 1,500 people in the two battalions and two detachments created by the Donbass Volunteer Union, but there are others.

“Most of them are in that age group, and largely because they are gone because of their beliefs,” he said. And although these people work under the Ministry of Defense, they are not employees of the Russian army, Borody noted: “The law is about new opportunities for contract soldiers.”

One volunteer said that from March to April, many volunteers who wanted to enter their first contract to serve in the armed forces in hopes of participating in a special military operation could not do so due to age restrictions. There were also difficulties in allowing such people to serve in the people’s militias of both the LPR and the DPR, says a source close to the leadership of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Vedomosti’s interlocutors say that the adoption of the amendment will allow these people to join the armed forces.

Vedomosti sent a request to the Ministry of Defense.

Maxim Ivanov participated in the preparation of the article


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