The power of the Big Mac – a standard phone operator on TJ

The power of the Big Mac – a standard phone operator on TJ

It is amazing that all the news in the Russian Federation is only about McDonald’s. There, by the way, they simultaneously open the SPIEF – St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which they always consider a powerful event, even Putin usually takes place in it, so everyone curses him. Everyone is interested in McDonald’s. Even today there is a great Orthodox holiday, the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, so not everyone cares about it at all.

For two weeks now, the main topic of Russian social and economic news has been McDonald’s. What will it be called. What are registered trademarks? What will be the list. What are the prices. all of that.

National government channels published the news of the new owner’s pledge to increase the number of restaurants from 850 to 1,000 in the coming years.

Opposition channels also published news that there will be no delivery, Coca-Cola is sold until the stock runs out, after which there will be nothing, and there are problems with packaging.

But they both write purely about McDonald’s. At least two news stories a day, usually more. And I am sure that this is not marketing, I subscribe to everything in the Russian Federation, including places where advertising budgets do not quite flow. No, it’s McDonald’s that really annoys them.

As I understand it, McDonald’s is the most vivid and most graphic depiction of sanctions and other echoes of war. Everything else is gone either it is not very wanted, or so far the shares are sold and it seems that it is, or Muscovites do not know and do not care, planes do not fly, they fall, so we did not fly.

But in general, a situation where a powerful superpower with a huge culture according to one presenter told us, with the strongest army on the continent, well, what else are they talking about, so the situation is that all this energy is only interested in whether the Big Mac, How long will cola last? No war, no economy, no culture, no politics. Big Mac interested.

This, of course, is not the shameful, decadent Western consumption culture. It’s a mysterious soul, it’s culture. Tolstoy, Turgenev, Fillet-o-fish.

“Here you are a foreigner who thinks power is in money. But I think power is in a Big Mac. Whoever has a Big Mac has power,” Daniela Baggrove aptly noted.

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