The Ministry of Health promised digital system developers to open access to big data

The Ministry of Health promised digital system developers to open access to big data

Deputy Director of the Digital Development and Information Technology Department at the Ministry of Health The developers of AI-based medical systems promised to unlock huge databases. The companies were invited to participate in the creation of the “Personal Medical Assistant” project.

We will open access to special services, and all data sets will be open. At the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Decision Support, Artemova said that there is a fairly large mass that allows you to work on AI technologies and the decision support system – non-personal medical information, clinical history, data sets, medical images. ITM-AI Systems Feb 9.

Provided updates on Vertically Integrated Medical Information Systems (VIMIS), in particular According to the preventive medicine system created in 2021, which differs from those that appeared earlier in focusing on the healthy part of the population. “As part of this project, we put in place an infectious disease system at the end of the year, and we will start a pilot project in a short time and we will implement it in the regions,” Artemova explained.

In addition, she said, a federal project for personal medical assistants is being prepared, in which “there will also be many opportunities for the development of special services for patients.”

Admission requirements for Medical Big Data were not specified at the conference.

The Ministry expects from developers, first of all, proposals for the introduction or creation of ready-made software products. It is expected that implementation will take place at the level of federal medical centers and in the provinces, with representatives from the Ministry of Health also to discuss prospects for launching new systems.

Artemova has acknowledged that VIMIS is a “sunflower test” of clinical regulations and guidelines, as the introduction of digital tools shows how outdated and inconsistent with the new facts of the existing database of documents. She stressed that this means that companies will have to overcome problems, but in cooperation with the custodians of the Ministry of Health.

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