The Italon Clinic Network shares ideas on how not to be afraid of dentists |

The Italon Clinic Network shares ideas on how not to be afraid of dentists |

Dental therapists, surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, implantologists, and periodontists work in dentistry at Italon. Each of them is a kind of creator and a good storyteller who knows how to distract a guest from the action. In the practice of the clinic, there were even cases when the patient slept during treatment, all manipulations were carried out precisely and carefully.

Guests gratefully refer to the attending dentist Yulia Alexandrovna Neverova as a “true professional in her field”. Patients note that everything is done carefully and in spirit.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, orthopedic dentist Lyudmila Ivanovna Khodyakova is a regular participant in professional seminars. If a tooth is lost or damaged, it can be safely entrusted to the doctor with prosthetics and restorations.

Yulai Rachitovich Shidolin, a dentist of the highest category, the name of the doctor is called with a capital letter. He has attended many professional conferences and conferences for implantologists and is ready to dispel the fear that they are doing better abroad. Standards of work and methods of fixing implants are the same for everyone – both in Europe and in Russia.

There are many horror stories associated with tooth extraction. Before their eyes there was still a huge man, bent over his mouth, and his hands were no less than huge pliers. There are a lot of stories on the Internet.

First of all, it is worth remembering that it is unlikely that the tooth will be required to remove it in this way. There is a good medical reason for this. It is better to listen to the doctor so that it does not get worse later.

A tooth that has become unnecessary is removed using forceps or special lifts. For anesthesia, drugs are used that allow you to completely stop pain sensitivity for the duration of the operation. You will not feel anything, and the procedure is already over.

An abundance of professional language and unfamiliar tools do not add confidence. Modeling, engraving, fixing, screws, prosthetics. What does this really mean?

A competent specialist will always ask questions during the consultation:

Do you suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system?

Do you suffer from gum disease?

Are there any bad habits that can affect the durability of the implant?

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