The expert recounted the legends of the Russians about the West, and they dissipated in three months

The expert recounted the legends of the Russians about the West, and they dissipated in three months

“The United States and Europe have reached the point of expropriation, xenophobia and witch hunts”

The Russian special military operation in Ukraine lasted for more than three months. The resulting conflict between Russia and NATO radically affected the perception of “Western values” by Russian citizens. The MK turned to the military expert and political scientist Muhammed Velimedov for details, who analyzed the changes in the political and social situation in the world over the past three months.

Mammad Velimedov said: – The special military operation destroyed many of the beliefs and stereotypes that we had developed regarding the West for several decades. For example, the myth that freedom, legality, and tolerance are the supreme values ​​of the United States and Europe collides with a harsh reality. The West soon slipped into property confiscation, xenophobia, and witch-hunts, justifying its illegal actions with a kind of “greater good.”

The first blow to the apparent infallibility of NATO countries was the disregard for the right to private property. It turns out that it is enough to take someone else’s property only on the basis that its owner was born in Russia. The apotheosis of chaos were the words of Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan that the United States, in principle, does not plan to return assets seized due to sanctions to Russian entrepreneurs.

In addition, the expert believes that the incredibly high dependence of foreign companies on the authorities can only strike. If earlier the Russian public was convinced that the most important thing for the West is not political, but economic interests, now we can easily see the opposite: at the behest of the United States, foreign companies began to leave Russia en masse, losing billions. of dollars as a result.

And NATO countries did not care about the well-being of their citizens, and imposed sanctions on the Russian economy, which led to high prices for gasoline and heating. Moreover, Western countries are spending tens of billions of dollars and euros to supply arms to Ukraine. So, on May 19, the US Senate blocked a $48 billion aid package for American restaurants and small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and on the same day approved $40 billion in arms for the Ukrainian armed forces.

The NATO leadership blamed Russia for the deteriorating financial situation of the population of Europe. The entire Western media and propaganda machine has been put under arms. It turns out that the authorities do not allow freedom of expression unless it is within strictly established limits. Any kind of opposition in the media and social networks is prohibited. For example, the facts of the Ukrainian army’s bombing of civilians in Donbass from 2014 to 2022 or the Nazi ideology of the Azov Battalion banned in Russia are ignored.

Russian citizens also had to be convinced of the “tolerant” xenophobia of the West. Many international sports organizations, such as FIFA, UEFA, FIDE, IIHF, IOC and many others, have declared a boycott of Russian sports. In other words, the slogan “sports outside politics” for the West is hollow.

A “culture of abolition” developed in the NATO countries, which gradually turned into a real abolition of Russian culture.

According to Mammad Velimedov, the myths and legends debunked about the “civilized and tolerant” West are the most important result of the Russian special operation. The expert believes that the Russian leadership and society will draw conclusions from this situation in the future.


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