So they don’t get sick.. local developments

So they don’t get sick.. local developments

Recently, medical applications and services with local roots have become relevant. The most interesting, and most understandable to the layman, caught our attention.

Health.ruIt is the first platform in Russia to develop digital therapy services for patients with chronic diseases. It allows patients to make an appointment with a doctor in public clinics online. The app provides free tests-surveys for disease risk factors, recommendations for doctor visits and check-ups, as well as video consultations with doctors of any specialty. Soon, it is planned to launch a service for the interpretation of incoming analyzes based on Russian and international standards.

Webiomed.DHRAMedical Decisions Acceptance Support System. It is intended for medical and insurance companies, as well as doctors. The system can automatically analyze medical data and identify risk factors and suspected diseases. Based on them, they make predictions about the likelihood of developing diseases and make recommendations to the doctor and patient. For the full operation of the system, no data re-entry is required for each patient. The system can make predictions based on the information in the patient’s medical history.

“third opinion” A group of solutions in the field of medicine using artificial intelligence. The algorithms developed by the company’s specialists are used in the diagnosis of chest radiographs, classification and counting of cells in blood and bone marrow tests, the diagnosis of pathological changes in the retina, and in dentistry. AI is also used in the company’s patient monitoring system in post-operative departments in medical clinics and nursing homes.

These startups will soon launch their pilot projects in healthcare facilities in Moscow.


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