Slightly salted cucumber in a bag recipe

Slightly salted cucumber in a bag recipe

Crispy salted cucumber From the refrigerator – one of the most popular summer snacks that does not take much time and effort. There are many recipes for slightly salted cucumbers, but we found a quick and affordable one – in a simple plastic bag.

Ingredients: 1 kg cucumber, 1 tsp. Salt, a handful of dill, 1-2 medium-sized heads of garlic (to taste), 5 allspice peas, 5 mint leaves.

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Wash the cucumbers, cut the tails and cut into 4 parts – so they are saltier faster than whole parts.

Chop the garlic with a knife or a special crush, finely chop the dill and mint.

Take an airtight plastic bag (preferably a zip-top bag) and put the cucumber, salt, pepper, garlic and herbs in it. Mix gently and completely by hand and seal tightly.

Put the salted cucumbers in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes. During this time, it will not be necessary to shake the bag several times so that the cucumbers are evenly salted.

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