Show / “The Collective West” is disappearing before our eyes :: author Vladimir Mozhigov

Show / “The Collective West” is disappearing before our eyes :: author Vladimir Mozhigov

One hears about the “collective west” all the time. “Collective West” imposed sanctions, “Collective West” declared war, and “Collective West” which, “Collective West” … Some time (about ten years ago), endless talks about the “golden billion”, outgoing, as a rule General, from our professional Marxists. According to their ideas, the “golden billion”, this damned descendant of the colonial empires, shone in the center of the world with a continent of satiety and toil, and about five billion of the unfortunate representatives of the Third World suffered hopelessly.

Now all these lamentations of the Marxists seem so absurd. There were no longer any “billion gold” at all. Europe – this blurred, almost indistinguishable world, standards of privacy and selectivity that are not adhered to at all – is quietly withering and dying, and the economic center of the world is rapidly shifting to the Pacific region, where the developing economies of India, China and other Asian countries are gaining strength. On the other hand, Brazil, Australia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are asserting themselves more and more boldly. Liberals love to joke about Russia being a big gas station. But what, then, is Europe turning into an illusion before our eyes? Just an orphan cafe, with a price that goes up every day, stuck in that gas station. In the next thirty years, not a single European country was among the world’s top ten economies (except, perhaps, of sovereign England, but England is not Europe).

And where are those Marxist sages today who have eaten our ears with the “golden billion”? They continue to sing their eternal song, now about “Collective West”. Fortunately, the memory of the average citizen today is so short that he no longer remembers what Mondays talk shows left in his ears. New day, new song. However, what happened anyway? Where did the infamous “golden billion” go?

And he didn’t go anywhere. It never existed. It was a simulation, the gold dust hidden by three or four hundred really wealthy families that collected the lion’s share of the world’s GDP. This is what it was really like and what it is. As for everything else … it turns out that the usual legged flock is completely interchangeable. And under the constant silence about the “golden billion”, smart employees simply changed the agenda and signals. Prepare for a new change in scenery. And in the next chapter of the show, the European herd is hastily exchanged for an African Arab herd, the other an American for a Latin American herd. The process is still developing successfully and is coming to an end so that in about ten or fifteen years the white population will be a minority in all of America and a little later in Europe. The “golden billion” left only the dust of gold that the ideologists of the “collective West” left in our eyes.

Something similar is happening today with the same “collective West.” On the other hand, we were told about the unprecedented integration of the Western world in the face of “Russian aggression” and “Russian menace”. On the other hand, who is monotheism, excuse me? The nature of what we see has changed quite a lot in recent decades. There is no good old West, nor good old Europe. And the unification that we are so pathetically told about is the unification of the supranational elites and the world media, that is, several thousand top managers serving the same 200-300 super-rich families. But where did the good old Europe go? The good old west?

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Let’s understand that. It didn’t all start yesterday. In order not to work with too deep perspectives, let’s put it this way: The West is no longer what it was and what we used to see at the same time that the Soviet Union also collapsed. The death of the Soviet Union at the same time became the beginning of the end of the Western world, Old Europe. That Europe, which, when its rival, the Soviet Union, fell, no longer needed the masters of the world.

In the ancient bipolar world, Europe had a role to play. It was to be a counterweight to the Warsaw Pact bloc. Just as West Berlin was a showcase of the western world in front of its eastern neighbor, so was ancient Europe a “crystal-encrusted sideboard” that a person from the East should charm to look at. But after the socialist world collapsed, a shop window was no longer needed. It’s time to disassemble – both old Europe and the notorious “billionaire”. Today, the process of deconstruction is coming to an end, and the frightening truth of what remains of ancient civilization and ancient Europe is emerging before our eyes.

In order to correctly assess the scale of what is happening, let us digress a little and turn to the very concept of “civilization”. In recent decades, using the light hand of S. Huntington (author of “Clash of Civilizations”), we usually talk about different civilizations that existed at the same time on Earth. These, according to Huntington himself, are Western, Orthodox, Islamic, Hindu, Sindhi, Japanese, Latin American, and African civilizations. We wouldn’t go too far with the Huntington’s construction, which is by and large far-fetched and inconsistent. (Where, for example, did the civilizing project of Israel and Judaism go, so obviously separate and irreducible to anyone else?) And can oriental cultures be called civilizations? Where, for example, did Huntington see African civilization?

Would it not be better to call what Huntington calls civilizations world cultures? And then, let’s realize as the deterministic criterion that already exists which brings them all together in the same place. This criterion is technology. After all, it is precisely the “total of techniques” that ultimately presents a fatal and ruthless limit to any great culture. And no matter how beautiful the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Iranian and Russian cultural world may be, we all have to live in the same technological world, and we all use their trains, planes and smartphones. Would it not be more appropriate to recognize the fact of one civilization built by one great culture, forcing the whole world to live according to its laws? Yes, of course, we are talking about Christian European civilization, which at the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries suddenly changed course, rushed down the path of technical progress, gradually capturing the whole world without exception in a whirlpool.

So, let’s talk about several great cultures that exist at the same time on Earth, but only about one and only – technogenic – civilization. Civilizations that dominate these great cultures with the real sword of Damocles. So, no matter how they build their own pictures of the future, there is a fate they cannot avoid. This is the same “total of techniques”, like the rock, in whose enormous shadow all these great cultures must inevitably disappear. Here, at the foot of this Tower of Babel, each of them has its own limits of development.

And today the world that gave birth to it, the great culture and civilization of the West, is the first to disappear in the shadow of this great rock. Yes, today we are witnessing something truly majestic, terrible but unprecedented. Something really scary and sinister. What is happening literally before our eyes, but as if no one noticed. As if the majestic crowd were collapsing into complete existential silence. This means that there is a lot of disturbing noise from this civilization. But it is all like a thick veil of smoke, behind which the existential drama swirls in complete silence – the true death of the gods, the collapse of a once-great culture. Truly, the greatest disaster is the destruction of the sacred law of culture. And behind him – and most of the Western world. And now – there is no longer any traditional education, no cultural norms, no longer the oldest European culture. The concept of “Western civilization” did not remain in university courses, nor in school programs, nor in the minds of the Western man on the street. Portraits of great people of antiquity left the classroom and university audiences. Plato, Dante and Shakespeare were declared representatives of a chauvinistic patriarchy, which is unacceptable in the bright world of complete totalitarianism. The very study considered offensive to transgender, black, and Asian people, and therefore should be excluded.

It was not until the end of the nineteenth century that Nietzsche announced the death of the god of the West. But it turned out that the death of religion was immediately followed by the death of culture, and the next generation of carriers of a great civilization turned into barbarians of the peasant, unconsciously wandering among its ruins, not understanding where and why they ended up, having neither ancestors nor memory. There is no future and no reason to exist.

So, the Old West, the ancient civilization, which was the main carrier of our technological world, no longer exists. The West is disappearing before our eyes as quickly as the “golden billion”. There is no longer an ancient society built on a common culture, no collective memory. Just a conglomerate of housing units associated with a totalitarian democracy and a liberal dictatorship. Only a conspiracy of world elites – and a tsunami of new barbarism come to us from the last stars of the West, engulfing worlds, cultures, and continents along the way. And yes, we need to talk and scream about it. construction of dams. Meanwhile, think about how we might call what is hanging above us now like crazy mud Golem and what we clumsily call the “collective west.”

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