Sergey Morozov was nominated as a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Medical Informatics “Medvestnik

Sergey Morozov was nominated as a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Medical Informatics “Medvestnik

At the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the 2022 elections, a vacancy for a corresponding member in the specialty “Medical Informatics” will appear for the first time. She can be occupied by the Director of the Clinical Scientific and Practical Center for Diagnostic and Telemedicine Technologies of the Moscow Department of Health (DZM).

The medical community intends to nominate a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2022 for a vacancy in the specialty “Medical Informatics” for the independent chief specialist in radiation and instrumental diagnostics of the Ministry of Health of the Central Federal District, director of the Scientific and Clinical Practical Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies of the DZM Sergey Morozov. This was announced at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and ITM-AI Decision Support Systems on February 9, MV Correspondent reports.

The elections will be held from May 30 to June 3. Morozov, who previously chaired the European Society for Medical Informatics, was nominated by the Conference Program Director Yuri Mukhin.

Morozov himself spoke at ITM-AI with a report on the results of a two-year experiment on the introduction of digital systems in health care in Moscow as a “network that permeates all medical institutions”. According to him, this is “an example for the whole country and a permanent experimental site.” More than 20 IT companies are connected to the Moscow Unified Digital Platform, and it is planned to increase the number of participants. The main specialized specialists work directly with the Unified State Health Information System (EGISZ), simultaneously communicate with many medical organizations and conduct complex consultations using the data of comprehensive clinics. Tools are created for clinical professionals.

Morozov called artificial intelligence systems a modern medical program that allows you to automate a number of production functions in medicine and healthcare, and the effect is achieved due to a “pipeline approach” – centralization of service and data collection. The Moscow trial covers 4.5 million patients, 50 services, its users 150 medical organizations, and 10,000 doctors and laboratory assistants. The specialist concluded that online patients have the ability to download their data from electronic medical records.

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