Sanatorium “Tashkent Mineral Vody” was opened in the Tashkent region

Sanatorium “Tashkent Mineral Vody” was opened in the Tashkent region

On June 11, in the village of Tashkent Mineralnye Vody, 40 kilometers from the capital, a sanatorium was opened aimed at developing medical tourism.

Visitors to the sanatorium can not only relax and enjoy nature, but also receive qualified medical services. The area of ​​​​the sanatorium is 10 hectares and can accommodate 255 guests at the same time. Rooms consist of double and single suites as well as 11 family cottages.

On the territory of the resort there is an administration, a restaurant, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Turkish, Russian and Finnish saunas, a salt cave, a cinema, an amphitheater, a meeting room, cactus fountains and boats, a cafe for guests, beauty salons, a hairdresser for men and women, a staff complex, parking.

It is worth noting that there is a children’s playground and game consoles.

In order to enhance the service, electric vehicles have been launched to move around the region.

Once a week, foreigners visiting the sanatorium are taken on excursions to the sights of Tashkent. To open up the tourist potential of the capital.

The main therapeutic agent of the sanatorium is a high-temperature mineral spring (49-52 ° C) from a depth of 1300 m, saturated with sodium, chloride, bicarbonate, silicon and other mineral salts. In the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, constipation, pancreatic diseases, it is very effective to use 200 grams 3 times a day.

A narrow circle of doctors works in the sanatorium: cardiologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, urologist, psychiatrist, ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound), treatment room for drug injections, clinical and biochemical laboratories , in addition to sterilizing rooms, the latest medical specialties of high and low frequency. Devices imported from European countries and designed on the basis of British technology, equipped with therapeutic mud from the ash of the Russian Saki Lake (silt sulfide) and the famous product “Naftovit” in Azerbaijan. Specialists practice physiotherapy exercises and ” Yoga”.

The inauguration of the sanatorium was attended by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Nosratila Zykrylev:

The health resort “Tashtermal” will contribute to the development of medical tourism in our republic. The area of ​​u200bu200bthe sanatorium is 10 hectares and is surrounded by various trees, medicinal and decorative herbs. The rooms here are equipped according to modern world standards. It is important to note that thanks to the reforms of our distinguished President Shavkat Miromonovich, all conditions are being created in the country for the development of the tourism sector. ”

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