Samara Universities Under Sanctions> Rubric News in Samarra

Samara Universities Under Sanctions> Rubric News in Samarra

Samarra universities were subjected to sanctions

Universities and institutes in the region are included in the Ukrainian sanctions list of 236 institutions of higher education in Russia, including Moscow State University, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Saint Petersburg State University, Samara Information Portal reports.

All restrictions apply to scientific cooperation and cultural, sports and educational communication. Personal penalties were applied to the deans of most universities in the Samarra region. In this regard, it is expected to ban assets, ban technology transfer, intellectual property rights, deprive Ukraine of state awards, and impose a ban on entering the country.

Restrictions will apply to:

– The rector of Samara University is named after Korolev Vladimir Bogatyrev.

– President of the University of Samara, Victor Swiffer.

– Rector of Samara State Medical University Alexander Kolesanov.

– Rector of Samara State Medical University Gennady Kotelnikov;

– Dean of Samara State Technical University, Dmitry Bykov.

– Rector of the Samara State University of Communications, Maxim Karnin.

– Acting Rector of Samara State University of Economics, Elena Kondrashina;

– Rector of Togliatti State University Mikhail Krystal;

– Rector of the Medical University “Revez” Nikolai Lisov;

– Acting Rector of Samara State Agrarian University Sergey Mashkov;

– Rector of the Volga State University of Communication and Informatics, Dmitry Mishin.

– Rector of the Samara Social Pedagogical University Oleg Moshalov;

– Dean of the Samara State Culture Institute, Olga Naumova;

– Director of the Institute of the International Market Vadim Chumak.

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