Onion and cheese pies – recipe

Onion and cheese pies – recipe

Many Ukrainians like to eat pancakes. However, there is not always time to prepare them. Therefore, a “quick” recipe for making pancakes with onions and cheese will come in handy. Shuba writes that ready-made frozen dough is used to prepare them.

Given that these pancakes are prepared not from yeast dough, but from puff pastry, they can instead be called puffs. This is precisely their advantage – you do not need to knead the dough, and the taste, although different from classic pancakes, is not inferior to them.

The filling for pies is also not traditional, because boiled potatoes, onions and spicy cheddar cheese can amaze even an experienced gourmet. Before baking, be sure to brush the pancakes with beaten eggs – this ensures an appetizing golden crust, which we love so much.


butter 50 gm

olive oil 25 ml

onion 4 pieces

Garlic, 4 cloves

Potato 6 g

Parsley 4 gm

Dijon mustard 15 gm

cayenne pepper 1 gm

Cheddar cheese 300 gm

Wheat flour 20 g

puff pastry 1 kg

Chicken eggs 2 pieces

salt to taste

Ground black pepper to taste

As FACTS writes, former culinary specialist Larisa Pavlyuk from Kyiv shared a recipe for cheesecake with pears. They will be the perfect solution for those who like to experiment and add new notes to familiar dishes.


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