Medicine and pharmacy news |

Medicine and pharmacy news |

13% of Russians consider medicine and pharmaceuticals to be the most promising industries for a career

Russians consider information technology to be the most promising industry for a profession: 42% are sure that here today one can achieve career growth and increase income. Women are more likely to be convinced of the prospects for Russian education and the IT field, while men are more convinced of heavy industry and law enforcement agencies. 1,600 representatives of the economically active population from all regions of the country participated in the SuperJob survey to find high-paying jobs.

Among the industries most promising for a career, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are 13%: 12% of men and 15% of women said so.

42% of Russians called it information technology, 13% of them all – medicine and the oil and gas sector. Heavy industry and sales are promising growth in jobs and salaries at 11%, construction at 9% and finance and civil service at 8%. 6% of Russians included the service sector among the most promising industries, 5% – law enforcement agencies and the military. The fact that it is better to make your career today in education, logistics, agriculture and energy was reported by 4% of respondents. 3% believe that the most promising sectors are marketing, law and the food industry. 2% of Russians believe that it is easier for those who work in the military-industrial complex to grow in positions and salaries today. Other industries were rated promising by 5% of respondents: light industry, business presentation, personnel management, analytics, cybersecurity, etc. are mentioned.

According to 4% of Russians, there are no promising sectors in the Russian economy today.

Women are more likely to be convinced of the successful future of information technology, medicine, and education. Those who think it is better to build a career today in the oil and gas industry, heavy industry, civil service and law enforcement agencies are more among the men.


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