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Novosibirsk combines knowledge, competencies and medical technologies of the Russian Federation

On April 22, 2022, the Fifth All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Science. Medicine. Innovation: Non-communicable diseases”.

Educational project “Science. Medicine. Innovations “is intended for primary care physicians who need to receive up-to-date information in the fields of medicine. It connects regions, their medical capabilities, collects information about medical technologies throughout the Russian Federation, helps primary care professionals find solutions for their patients, and then refer patients for treatment. So the Novosibirsk project became part of the development of active medical tourism in the country.

Deputy Governor Irina Manuelova emphasized the significance of the event at the opening: “This year, 2022, he set out new and more complex tasks for doctors and the scientific community. Today, many institutes of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, even apparently not officially connected with medicine, can present their developments in this Sphere. The most important task set by the leadership of SB RAS, NSO government: selection of the most advanced projects and organization of production of preparations, tools on an industrial scale, to work on technology to transfer scientific developments to production. Replacing import has become the number one task, and there are all the prerequisites for solving this problem ” .

According to Petr Smirenko, Chairman of the Health Care Committee of the NGO OPORA RUSSIA, it has become a good tradition to meet in the spring and discuss the challenges of our time. “It is important to exchange views as widely as possible and to share best practices in the field of scientific and practical health care,” said Peter Anatolyevich in his opening speech. “This is where we see one of the main tasks and work of this conference and are working on a broad discussion of the latest advances in healthcare.”

Sergey Dorofeev, President of the Novosibirsk Regional Association of Physicians, noted the importance of the event as an educational platform for doctors: “This is an event that once again confirms that life does not stop.” On the contrary, the challenges of the times are motivating the development of clinical technologies and practices: new data and new approaches are emerging. “We are always interested in new approaches to those situations that have been bothering us for a long time.” A modern doctor is, first of all, a specialist who uses the achievements of modern health care in his practice.

Implementation of innovations in practice is always necessary and extremely important. “This year we are working in even more difficult conditions due to widespread economic sanctions against our country,” said Mikhail Voevoda, Director of the Federal Research Center for Basic and Translational Medicine, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, speaking on behalf of SO RAN. – Today we face a potential threat represented by the shortage of vital medicines and consumables used in medicine. The solution to these issues depends, more than ever, on the effective interaction of science, the innovative sector of economics and practical medicine. In fact, this is what the conference is about. ”The experience broadcast within the framework of this educational platform will help to respond to all the challenges of the times. It is no coincidence that today Novosibirsk is also called an information group that combines knowledge, competences and medical technologies of the entire Russian Federation.

“Cardiovascular diseases”, “oncological diseases” and “respiratory diseases” are the main causes of death in the Russian Federation. Reducing deaths in these areas is today the task of the primary care physician, by quickly identifying the disease, prescribing treatment or referring the patient to a specialized medical institution. This is what was stated in the national project “Health”.

It is no coincidence that the conference organizers chose these areas to develop the conference program “Science. Medicine. Innovation: non-communicable diseases. ” After all, if we talk about reducing mortality and general morbidity of the population, then the issues of prevention, even during treatment and during the rehabilitation period, come to the fore.

According to experts, only by changing habits and behavior, the patient can significantly improve the result of his treatment, preventing the development of complications. At the same time, working with patients in this context with patients as part of prevention or rehabilitation afterwards (this is the work of primary care physicians) will help prevent the development of diseases and prevent the development of complications of acquired diseases.

“Risk factors for cardiovascular disease are well known and very common: poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, and harmful use of alcohol,” said Vasili Kachtalap, MD, associate professor, chief of clinical cardiology at the CPSSZ Research Institute. “. Professor of the Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery KemGMU, Kemerovo. At the same time, eliminating their influence improves prognosis in primary and secondary prevention. By reducing the weight by 10 kg, the patient can already significantly reduce blood pressure without the use of special drugs. Not to mention changing habits in general.” Every primary care physician working in the framework of primary and secondary prevention should be well aware of this. “We understand that real clinical practice shows that complete elimination of all risk factors in most patients is impossible due to lack of adherence,” Vasilievich noted. with the recommendations of doctors.” – In addition, there are real consumption habits that are difficult for doctors to fight. For example, smoking. Of course, smoking cessation is one of the most important measures for the prevention of diseases associated with changes in the microcirculation bed, which must be incorporated into any treatment program Comprehensive But if the patient does not quit smoking cigarettes, which is absolutely necessary for the effectiveness of the treatment, the risks can be reduced if the patient switches to alternative products containing nicotine, since there is no burning of tobacco as a “bridge” to the subsequent complete cessation of smoking.

“The concept of harm reduction as a truly harm reduction strategy can become a way out of a situation in which the patient flatly refuses to quit smoking,” supports her colleague Elena Popova. “This strategy is now actively used in the medical and social spheres to reduce harm to the individual and society as a result of dangerous actions or behaviors, which cannot be completely eliminated or prevented.” Smoking causes the development of pulmonary fibrosis or interstitial lung diseases and a number of other non-communicable respiratory diseases that have serious consequences for the patient’s health and can cause death. Therefore, ILD patients need to quit smoking, and for those who are not ready to completely stop this bad habit, “low-risk products” such as tobacco heating systems can help.

In 2022, the department “Oncology” became the most popular. Their reports in this section were provided by the Federal State Budget Institution “NN Blokhin” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the State Federal Budget Institution “Federal Neurosurgery Center” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, GBUZ “Moscow City Oncology Hospital No. 62 DZM ” Genetico Independent Laboratory. Tumors of the head and neck, a disease that is gaining momentum due to the bad habits of the population, became the main topic of this section of the conference in 2022. Among the speeches of practical specialists, one was devoted to the treatment of neutron boron capture, a development of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences . Scientists and doctors were able to discuss the first clinical trials of the new technology and the prospects for its use in the Russian Federation in the near future.

In the section “New Medical Technologies”, Siberian scientists presented really new developments that are relevant today for the work of urologists, infectious disease specialists, therapists and allergic immunologists. In addition, the presentations in this section demonstrated the true collaboration between science and practitioners.

All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference V “SCIENCE. Medicine. Innovations ”- the project that is developing as a regional project has become an all-Russian project. Today, the conference is watched annually from various cities of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. In 2022, it was visited by more than 400 doctors of various specialties from almost all regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Among the organizers of the event are: NGO “Novosibirsk Regional Association of Physicians”, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution for Higher Education NSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Health Care Committee of NGO “OPORA RUSSIA”, MMA “MED”.

This event is actively supported by NSO’s Ministry of Science and Innovation Policy.

Record the conference webcast here:


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