Last year, Vologda doctors conducted more than 2,000 teleconsultations

Last year, Vologda doctors conducted more than 2,000 teleconsultations

Telemedicine, which is actively developing in the era of the epidemic, helps Vologda doctors to establish the correct diagnosis, consult with colleagues and perform complex operations.

Back in 2016, while addressing the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, at the healthcare block, a path toward fully connecting hospitals and clinics with high-speed internet in order to introduce telemedicine on a large scale, making it possible Providing remote medical care and diagnosis using modern communication technologies.

“We are now developing a regional telemedicine information system under the National Healthcare Project. 43 medical organizations, including 25 central area hospitals, can consult with 62 federal health care institutions and national medical research centers in doctor-to-physician coordination to establish a diagnosis and adjusting treatment,”- Commented the head of the health department of the Vologda region Alexei Plotnikov.

Now the field of telemedicine is actively developing. It has become especially in demand during the pandemic: if in 2019 in the Vologda region there were 106 consultations using telemedicine technologies, in 2021, more than 2000 telemedicine consultations were already conducted. Since the beginning of 2022, VOKB doctors alone have used telemedicine technologies more than 30 times. Urologists, cardiologists, neonatologists and vascular surgeons actively contact federal clinics.

“Telemedicine consultations help save newborns. At least once a week, we always communicate with leading specialists of the largest federal medical centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moreover, our communication is often not limited to a video session, but continues by phone Or via WhatsApp. Therefore, we chose the necessary doses of drugs online with the daughter of the famous Leo Bokeria – Doctor of Medical Sciences Ekaterina Leonidovna Bokera from the Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named Vii Kulakov “, – says the head of the department of resuscitation and neonatal intensive care of VOKB Sergey Makkoev.

“Telemedicine is the future. We have the opportunity to receive consultations from specialists in the cities and we ourselves advise colleagues from the regions. Yes, it is prohibited by law to carry out primary diagnostics remotely, but it is quite possible to correct the treatment already prescribed. Suppose a patient with diabetes lives in a place What in Nikolsk. He can get an online consultation from regional and, if necessary, specialists in Moscow, using an ordinary smartphone, without leaving anywhere. Or another example is the examination of patients to determine whether they need to undergo surgery in clinics DC Specialists from these clinics can talk to patients from a distance, immediately clarify something with the attending physician, and now the techniques are such that the camera can “look into the wound.” If they find clues, they will invite you to the operation itself. And I need to go to Any preset place…it’s convenient for both doctors and patients,”The anesthesiologist and resuscitator, head of the department of emergency, emergency and advisory care of VOKB Sergey Dyakov persuaded.

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At the end of 2021, the Medical Digital Technologies Budget Organization began work on the implementation of telemedicine consultations for the Regional Medical Information System in the Vologda Region, which is designed for remote consultation by patients’ doctors, remote interaction of medical staff with each other, and the creation of a monitoring platform Online health status of citizens.

Many medical organizations in the area now offer telemedicine consultations. So, in the Vologda city polyclinic No. 1, a general practitioner, cardiologist and endocrinologist contact patients. Consultations are paid from the funds of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, and are free for the patient if there is a compulsory health insurance policy. You can register for a remote consultation with doctors on the website At the same time, the Telemed 35 platform was initially intended for remote consultations of patients who were in self-isolation.

“Vologda residents who have already visited the doctor in a personal appointment are registered for a remote appointment. After that, a doctor who knows the patient and his diagnosis can advise the patient about taking medications, adherence to the regimen, methods of treating chronic disease and even writing a prescription. Our task is to maximize availability Medical care of the population. In this regard, the prospects for telemedicine are limitless “, – Explains Deputy Governor Larisa Kamanina.

The program is implemented as part of the creation of a single digital contour of the National Healthcare Project. Until recently, most consultations were conducted on a “doctor-doctor” basis. Today, the regional information system allows the organization of telemedicine consultations with federal medical organizations and national medical research centers of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. In addition, scheduled and emergency consultations using telemedicine technologies are held between regional and local medical organizations.

According to the Ministry of Health, 43 medical organizations, including 25 central district hospitals, are currently connected to the regional telemedicine information system to conduct doctor-to-doctor telemedicine consultations. The regional information system of telemedicine for the region is integrated with the Federal Information System, which allows to organize telemedicine consultations with 62 federal state health care institutions and national medical research centers of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, not all issues related to the further expansion of telemedicine capabilities at the federal level have been resolved. In particular, the payment system for remote consulting is still not standardized. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin instructed the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, together with the Ministry of Digital Development and the Federal Fund for Compulsory Health Insurance, to deal with this by May 20 this year, and by May 27 to consider, with the participation of the “medical community and leading experts”, expand Use of telemedicine techniques.


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