Klebo sent an ultimatum to the Federation and headed to Miami.  Norwegians do not care about the national team?

Klebo sent an ultimatum to the Federation and headed to Miami. Norwegians do not care about the national team?

The five-time Olympic champion, rather than signing a contract for next season, chose to rest abroad.

The speed of the famous Johannes Klebeau at the end of sprint distances can sometimes be compared to the most powerful Formula 1 car. No one has been faster than the Norwegian in the past eight years, and four of his five Olympic gold medals in this area are living confirmation of this.

Apparently, therefore, the 26-year-old athlete could not miss the first stage of the Royal Series in Miami. But he did it at the wrong time. For the second month now, the athlete is trying to agree on his contract with the Norwegian Ski Federation, but so far it has not been successful.

It turns out that Klebo put two conditions to the leaders, one of which has not yet been fulfilled. While the citizens contemplate fulfilling Johannes’ wishes, the star of America’s national team has fun.

fun process

The epic contract negotiations between the Klebo family and Norwegian ski officials, as required by Western management culture, take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Johannes’ father, representing his son’s interests in the process, unleashes the positive qualities of the union leadership. Those, in turn, smile and show confidence in the imminent completion of the process. Everyone is happy, but there is no result.

Although a month ago, Haakon Kleibo argued that the dialogue between the two parties was proceeding in a constructive manner, his son stated that the presence of the sprint group coach Arild Monsen in the team was the main argument in favor of the continuation of joint work. Johannes and the national team.

Arield Monsen / Photo: © Vegard Wivestad Gratt / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press

Monsen had already signed his agreement with the federation ahead of the 2025 World Cup and seemed to be a sign that his boss’ negotiations would soon be over. But it turns out that the dialogue participants simply continue to enjoy the process and are in no hurry to complete it.

Everyone is equal, but Klipo is more equal

A little later it became known that Johannes was particularly interested in two subjects. The first is the opportunity to get one-on-one training in the mountains. The second is to work in the personal team of soldier Freud Pedersen.

Recalling the failure of the Norwegians at the Beijing Olympics, who spent less time in the mountains than the Russians, Klebo’s demands on the first point are clear:

“I think I will be better. And time will tell if I am right. I thought about testing it earlier, but the epidemic stopped trying. Now, I think there is such a possibility. And although next winter’s world championships will not take place in altitude conditions, She decided to conduct a full-fledged high-altitude training, with the aim of just trying to become a better figure skater at the World Championships in Planica, – the Norwegian explained his position in an interview with TV2.

Johannes Klebo / Photo: © Jon Olav Nesvold / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press

At the same time, camps in the mountains are not provided for the rest of the team, so in order to fulfill Johannes’ desires, you need to either redraw the plan or give Klebo more freedom than the rest. And the technical staff with the Federation is ready for that:

– You have to be honest. He achieved 48 World Cup victories and a lot of medals from the main competitions. I said that it would be difficult for me to make a team according to his wishes, but it is possible to do it. He’s the best and he’s a star. “We treat everyone equally, but he will have the opportunity to do so,” Arild Monsen said.

It is now clear why Monsen is so important to Klebo’s national team. Arild is ready to make exceptions for his best student.

Went on vacation early

However, there is still no clarity on the second point, on which there have been disagreements. According to the Norwegian newspaper Adressa, the lubricant Pedersen was originally supposed to leave the national team, but Klebo did not like it, and began to insist on his return. This seems to have become a problem:

“We are working on this issue and hopefully everything will be clarified at the end of this week,” says the Norwegian team’s service chief, Stein Olav Snesrud.

There is no point in waiting for more accurate data in this story. Both sides maintain a positive tone and continue to unravel the fine threads that should lead to a strong relationship between the five-time Olympic champion and the federation. Will they just bring it? do not wipe. At least, the Norwegian hero is not familiar with our saying: “I did the job – walk boldly.” Without waiting for a solution to the situation, Kleppo traveled abroad to the Formula 1 stage in Miami.

It was hard to miss the first race on a track built from scratch, because the organizers did their best to make this event unique. For example, we prepared an artificial bay with painted water and real yachts. By the way, Beijing Olympic freestyle champion Gu Ailing (big air) flew in to see Verstappen win.

Photo: © Dan Istiten – Formula 1 / Contributor / Formula 1 / Gettyimages.ru

In general, the Norwegian had an official reason to spend the weekend in the United States, but with his short vacation, the Scandinavian star once again showed that the issue of signing a contract is not painful for him. At the same time, Klebo will not go out of his circumstances. Apparently, the Norwegian ski racing leadership will once again have to follow in the footsteps of their main asset.

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