informal love

informal love

Finalist at the All-Russian competition “General Teacher of Russia – 2021”, Khabarovsk gymnasium history teacher Dmitry Morozov on science, love and his understanding of patriotism:

– Our military operation in Ukraine has increased the understanding of the civilian situation in society. We are increasingly asking ourselves the question: Who are we, where do we come from, what is truly sacred to us, what do we honor and value, with what do we live primarily?

Recently, the word “patriotism” has become somewhat simplified, it is perceived very primitively, and some generally consider it almost offensive. It is important to me and to the children that history teaches me that the word “patriot” should not be one-dimensional and flat. It is now full of true meaning.

Most of my life I worked in student classes, some of which were set up under the auspices of the Commission of Inquiry. Everything is very dangerous there – parades, formations, military sports competitions.

But, in my opinion, children perceive patriotism not only as love for the motherland and the state, but, first of all, as belonging to the world around them – their school, city, region. Patriotism for me is when anyone, including a student, can somehow influence the space around them. It’s essential to go out on a community work day, clean around the school, plant a tree, break the flower bed and then take care of it.

Director of the Khabarovsk Interdisciplinary Secondary School Olga Kudina on why it is necessary to raise the state flag in schools

April 22, 2022, 10:05 am 0

It must be recognized that there is a tendency in education to give children more opportunities to take the initiative, for example, to propose life-changing projects for the better. I can do something useful in this life – this is patriotism!

Children’s apathy can only be achieved by participating in something real, an opportunity to express themselves.

We can say that without civic education it is impossible to imagine spiritual and moral values. It became the blood of the entire educational system. Recent events in Ukraine its movement.

We understand very well that you can take children to walks as often as you want, show them historical gardens, but until they have a real opportunity to connect with human history, feel it on an emotional level, everything will be useless. And when we talk about the initiative from next year to introduce the hoisting of the flag and the singing of the anthem in schools, we must realize that this is just a tool. It can be good and strong – and vice versa cause a negative reaction. In the education system, any innovation will always be automatically viewed with hostility, causing a natural resistance. If this is done formally, we will irritate and reject children. Now, if there is an element of creativity in this, something that touches the soul, then something else!

Of course, tokens must be introduced into our lives. For some reason, in America, which we often think of as a model, they raise the flag, be proud of it, sing the anthem, know its words, and this is normal! Why don’t we have this?

I hear sometimes that our kids don’t feel their roots. They drink, eat and wear what is advertised through social networks, where they literally disappear. It seems our children are no longer our children. This is a simplified understanding of teenagers! Our country is part of a common global space, a global culture, it is impossible to close oneself from all this. Again, if mass Western culture creates a positive image of certain customs, what can we, adults, give our children in return?

About the return of veteran submarine Georgi Perov to old values

September 16, 2021, 15:00 0

Regarding the sanctions, we stopped showing American films and cinemas were emptied. Sadly, several generations have grown up on action, sci-fi and horror movies. Yes, for some time we could not compete with Hollywood and Western companies in terms of quantity and sometimes the quality of films. Although we also had great films, including those that talk about war. Now, perhaps, it is possible to correct the situation, including with the help of education. For example, arrange special shows, show the best films of the last decade about the same Great Patriotic War.

What worries me about the state of children’s minds? Modern teenagers think more about themselves than about others, they are sometimes lethargic. But this should not be taken negatively. Sometimes that’s a good thing! They are pragmatic, less critical of different points of view, ready to accept a different position, and there is no extreme in them. How do you make them active? Only by giving them the right to grow, make mistakes, correct them, and move forward from their small goals to big, real goals.


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