Immunologist Zhemchugov: the possibility of laboratory origin of SARS-CoV-2 can not be ruled out

According to the expert, modern technologies do not leave any “rivets”.

The possibility of a laboratory origin for SARS-CoV-2 cannot be completely ruled out, says Vladislav Zhemchogov, an immunologist and physician of medical sciences.

“Modern technologies do not leave any“ rivets ”,“ welds ”, that is, we will not find any traces of understanding that the virus was created artificially, says the scientist TASS.

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In addition, Zhemchogov noted that there may hypothetically be “specialists” who “want the glory of Herostratus” when studying the origin of infection with the coronavirus and the characteristics of its rapid spread.

Recall that a joint report by the World Health Organization stated that the most likely scenario for the emergence of COVID-19 is the transmission of the disease from bats to another animal, subsequently infecting people.

Earlier, immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov said that a person will have a more stable immunity to infection with the Corona virus if he develops symptoms during the course of the illness. On average, immunity to infection in humans lasts for five months.



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