How oncology is treated in Istanbul by world-class doctors |

How oncology is treated in Istanbul by world-class doctors |

In fact, the cost of treatment in Anadolu Medical Center is the same as in the best clinics in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, especially now with the sharp collapse of the Turkish lira. Over the past three months, the lira of the Turkish monetary unit has not only fallen significantly, but also its prices have fallen sharply. Therefore, for foreign patients who come in euros, dollars or rubles, the cost of all goods and services is almost half. Arriving in Istanbul for treatment of the most complex oncological diseases, patients receive the best specialists in the world, impeccable service, but everything is much cheaper than clinics in Germany and Israel.

Anadolu Medical Center is a COVID-free hospital: According to the decision of the Turkish Ministry of Health, patients with coronavirus are not sent here for treatment, since the clinic has an oncology profile. In addition, the most dangerous security measures are observed here: constant disinfection of premises is carried out, a special air purification system is operated, social distancing and a mask system are observed. etc. All health center workers have been vaccinated against the disease COVID-19. For patients from Russia, the rules for staying in the hospital itself have not changed: 72 hours before arriving at the clinic, you must take a coronavirus test and pass the second test upon arrival, after which you can start treatment.

You can apply for a free consultation at the representative office of the clinic in Tyumen:
Street. Republic, 61, from. 713.
Vladimir Butov, Head of the Anatolian Representative Office in the Tyumen Region:
cell: +7919934-81-55;
Business: (3452) 73-96-69;;

Anadolu Medical Center belongs to the non-profit Anadolu Foundation and has two certifications and an award of ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology), JCI accreditation (Joint Commission International, USA), IASIOS accreditation for Interventional Oncology, and OECI (Organization of European Cancer Institutes) accreditation. In 2019, according to the authoritative independent organization “International Alliance for Quality Assessment of Medical Tourism”, Anatolia Clinic entered top 3 The best medical centers on the planet for medical tourism.

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