How digitalization has changed the Krasnoyarsk regional hospital / News of the association of Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk region / Newslab.Ru

How digitalization has changed the Krasnoyarsk regional hospital / News of the association of Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk region / Newslab.Ru

New technologies easily change any sphere of life for the better – thanks to them, everything becomes easier, faster and safer. For medicine, digitization is especially important – even an electronic initial queue instead of Soviet “coupons” significantly improves the work of any doctor’s office. And the Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital has long had a variety of digital solutions – their quality was recently personally evaluated by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation. See how it was.

important meeting

Last week, the Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Pavel Pugachev visited the city of Krasnoyarsk – where he participated in a strategic session on topical issues related to the application of information systems in medical hospitals. Why was the session held at the Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital? The answer is simple – from the point of view of digital technologies, they can be considered typical.

“We believe that the Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital is an example of the introduction of digital technologies in terms of automation and practicality to improve work procedures. Now the country is very actively switching to electronic document management, but without its introduction into the processes of providing medical care, continuous improvement in its quality is impossible. Pavel said. Pugachev Our mission in the session is to develop common approaches to the transition to digitizing hospitals across the country.

Experts from different regions of Russia participated in the session. For example, Boris Nemek, Minister of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Igor Ivanov, Director General of the National Institute of Quality in Rozdravnadzor, employees of the Information Technology Department in Moscow and the Competence Center for Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Sector in Russia Ministry of Health, experts from the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Territory and St. Petersburg .

The benefit of information technology is clear: patients receive Safer, better and more comfortable treatmentand doctors More convenient treatment process.

Regional hospital experience

On the first day of the session, the participants were shown what their colleagues in Krasnoyarsk were able to achieve. Of course, there are electronic queues, as well as electronic guidance: from the initial check to the discharge itself, all actions are monitored in real time. There is also identification of patients with an electronic bracelet.

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How does this all work? For example, in the office of the chief physician there is an electronic screen where information is collected from the entire hospital about everything that is happening: how many patients and how long the specialists see, how many minutes a particular doctor takes to make a decision in each case, how long the patient waits for an appointment with the doctor … From a variety of indicators in real time, a general picture of the hospital’s work is formed – it is seen not only by the head doctor, but also by all heads of departments.

Another example: in the emergency room, diagnostic and surgical departments, digital technologies are used from the moment the patient is admitted and escorted until discharge from the hospital, ensuring safety. Here, the electronic system helps in planning operations, monitoring the patient’s condition, and monitoring the implementation of all procedures specified by the doctor.

Separately, it is worth noting the system of telemedicine consultations, which appeared in the regional hospital in 2018. Doctors from the regional center are allowed to consult remotely with their colleagues from the settlements of the region. You can enter the patient’s medical data and results of examinations and examinations into the system. With the arrival in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the system for consultations on pneumonia was updated – every day Krasnoyarsk doctors consulted colleagues from different parts of the region, including remote regions. As a result, 40% of “dangerous” patients who were transferred to a ventilator eventually survived, which is a greater number than in other regions of Russia.

“All this is made possible thanks to the indifference of our specialists: both doctors and IT service personnel. They do everything to solve each patient’s problems with the help of digital technologies. After all, a hospital is not only a doctor who works with a patient, but also a lot of other processes necessary for the functioning of The treatment is fast and efficient, ”said Igor Korchgin, chief physician of the regional hospital.

On the second day of the strategic session, the participants developed proposals and ways to spread the best experience in using digital technologies in medical institutions across the country, in particular, to achieve the goals of the national project. “health”. In the future, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation will systematically organize and finalize the conclusions of the session participants. The result will be an official document with recommendations, which Russian hospitals will subsequently receive.

So the solutions that were once independently developed by the residents of Krasnoyarsk will become a guideline for medical institutions throughout the country and will help a huge number of hospitals to digitize correctly.

Internet newspaper «Newslab, Photo: the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Korchgin Igor Evgenievich

Chief Physician of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital No. 1


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