How digital technologies affect the work of outpatient clinics

How digital technologies affect the work of outpatient clinics

Now all doctor’s house calls are handled by a robot. The introduction of the Yandex.SupportAI platform into the network of Polymedica clinics made it possible to improve communications, ease call centers and ensure a rapid response to a patient’s request for medical care.

According to the service manager Tatiana SavelyevaSupportAI is a platform with the latest artificial intelligence technologies, through which it is possible to configure bots for different call topics, integrate with systems, draw business scenarios, build analytics, tests, train models, and all this without knowing programming languages. The robot can not only understand the text, but can also recognize informal objects in the text in order to issue a call to the emergency doctor at home, schedule an appointment with the patient in the clinic, and “send” feedback about the patient’s condition or other important information to the doctor.

For example, a person showing symptoms of an acute respiratory infection would call a Poly Medica clinic to arrange a home call with a doctor. By phone number, the data is set whether there is such a user in the database. If not, we ask for the last name, first name and last name, and check if the call for that last name came earlier. We identify the patient’s address, compare it with the cards, and process it to transfer it correctly and compare it to the service area in the clinic. We explain to the patient what is bothering him, and decide the urgency of the call. In the internal regulations of the institution, an application is created to accept home communication.

Every day, Yandex.SupportAI monitors the quality, studies statistics and improves the work of the voice assistant. The functionality of your personal account allows you to independently set up scenarios, view call analytics, decode and listen to conversation recordings. This makes it possible to provide patients with simple and quick access to the service, to remove unnecessary anxiety, which is often observed in patients.

Yandex.SupportAI technology has proven itself in business. It receives a large number of incoming calls, while saving operators’ time. The next stage in the development of the system is the transfer of the current record to a specific appointment in the clinic and robotic assistants. The main difficulties of this project are associated with the complex structure of the doctors’ schedule, the peculiarities of registering patients with narrow specialists. The task is not easy, but with the joint work of Polymedica and Yandex.SupportAI, it can be solved.

In the meantime, Yandex.SupportAI helped us “digest” this flow of patients:

grafik_polimedika.png (14 KB)

Not a single patient was left without help.

* Polymedica internal statistics.

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