How are Russians treated in international resorts?

How are Russians treated in international resorts?

Recently, a lot has been said about the fear of Russia and that it is better for Russian citizens not to go abroad. Is also?

How are Russians treated in international resorts?

How are Russians treated in international resorts? This question is now asked by many travel enthusiasts.

How are Russians treated in international resorts? real reviews

It is worth noting that recently many have spoken of Russophobia. People refuse to travel even to their beloved Turkey, despite the cheapness of flights. There was talk about the fact that they do not want to accommodate Russian citizens in Turkish hotels because of everything that is happening in Ukraine. So a Russian traveler told about what she encountered in other countries. According to Turprom’s post, the woman did not feel any assault on herself.

She stressed that all people seem to be preoccupied with themselves only in Turkey. Citizens of Germany, if they come to the country, they do not care about Russians. According to the traveler, you can speak Russian calmly and not worry about your life. The Turks, in turn, continue to treat tourists with respect because they are their guests.

By the way, during the May holidays, many went to Turkey, and the country is just happy about that. Now many hotels are overcrowded with Russian tourists who do not feel any violation.

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Sanctions against the Russians

However, in general, not everything is as good as travelers. Representatives of Russia from all over the world are now “canceled”. It comes to the fact that Russian artists are removed from various exhibitions. Some opera artists who worked abroad for more than a year were fired. Someone has been denied a job because the person is Russian.

At the same time, Western culture is trying to fight the kind of discrimination that occurs in their countries. It turns out that the representatives of the states contradict themselves. Russia fell under the “new morals” sanctions. This means that everything related to Russia has become condemned. Basically, this usually only applies to representatives or other representatives of a particular industry. They all commit some kind of misconduct and then pay for their careers. Sometimes the court is the community that decides a person’s fate based on someone else’s accusations. In this case, everything happens even before the real trial, during which the guilt of the hero is proven.

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