Homemade milk cheese recipe

Homemade milk cheese recipe

classic Italian little mozzarella cheese is made from buffalo or cow’s milk, as well as from their mixtures. The original product comes from Italian regions such as Campania, Puglia and Basilicata. In other regions of Italy and in many countries around the world, this soft cheese is made from cow’s milk, which has a fat content of about 50 or 45 percent. You can cook mozzarella at home, but it is advisable to learn some subtleties of this process in advance and choose the best recipe. TheLime has only one in stock – you’ll need minimal ingredients and very little of your time.

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Important recommendations:

  • Whole milk should be tested. The best option is farming.
  • It is recommended to use an enamel pan. There is no aluminum at all.
  • Mozzarella will not work without vinegar. It should be added in small portions, and not all at once.

Ingredients for two meals: 1 liter of milk 125 grams of natural yogurt. 1.5 tsp salt (maybe more); 1 st. to. Vinegar essence (25%).

cooking: First heat the milk with salt, but Do not boil. Next, add yogurt to these ingredients, mix and add vinegar. Again, mix everything well and remove it from the stove. additional Colander Cover with clean gauze, wrapped in about 4 layers, pour out the milk (do not pour out whey), squeeze the cheese well from the whey.

Photo: www.unsplash.com

The next step: we form a ball and put it in the serum, cover with a towel and give enough time to stand and cool down. Transfer the whey cheese to the refrigerator for 24 hours. After the specified time has elapsed, strain the serum. Store in a closed plastic container. enjoy your meal!

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