Genesis Clinic masters advanced technologies | Speaking Petrozavodsk | Online newspaper “Petrozavodsk”

Genesis Clinic masters advanced technologies |  Speaking Petrozavodsk |  Online newspaper “Petrozavodsk”

Genesis Clinic has received the unique Candela Nordlys digital laser platform for Karelia. The clinic staff underwent professional training, and the training was conducted by a medical consultant certified by the Candela Training Center (Moscow) I.A. Ahmedbaev.

The platform allows you to perform a wide range of cosmetic and medical procedures aimed at removing various defects in the skin of the face and neck.

Aesthetic make-up using the Nordlys device from Candela opens up great opportunities for maintaining beauty and health. The multi-technical platform allows you to adjust the degree of exposure to work with the patient, depending on his indications and characteristics, to achieve changes after the first session.

This beauty equipment, developed in the United States, entered the market in 2019. The procedures on the device are all season, and the treatment is fast, comfortable and painless. The results are noticeable after the first session.

Nordlys Unique Features:

  • Powerful sub-millisecond pulses and narrow-band SWT technology (Selective Wave Technology), which allows treating any vascular diseases in the skin at different depths without damaging the skin.
  • There is no risk of burns, which is a common complication when working with high lighting. Light energy is converted into heat exclusively within the target tissue.
  • With deep heating, it is possible to achieve an effective result immediately after the first procedure.

The Nordlys device from Candela allows you to perform the following actions:

– Renew the image.

Rosacea treatment.

– treatment and removal of telangiectasias (spider veins);

Wine stain removal.

– Acne Treatment;

Rosacea treatment.

– Improve skin texture.

Age spots removal.

Venous lakes treatment.

Post-acne treatment.

– Remove scars and scars.

– non-surgical partial regeneration;

– Remove stretch marks.

Procedures on this device will be effective for both young and mature patients. This device allows you to work with vascular diseases even in children (with parental permission). On the device, you can perform facelift, neck, chest, and hand plastic surgery. Rehabilitation after laser exposure will take no more than three days, there is slight swelling and redness, and there is no need to sit at home. The result is noticeable within a month. The effect is quite long, lasting from six months to a year. When removing age spots and spider veins, it is possible to achieve a permanent result.

In cooperation with the leading cosmetologists of Russia and partner clinics of GENESIS, the clinic is constantly developing and improving in order to provide patients with cosmetic services at the highest level. To register for a consultation, as well as to get acquainted with a more detailed list of services, you can call +7 (8142) 79-85-11, as well as daily from 9:00 to 20:00 at the address: Lenin Ave., 21.

Genesis Clinic – Beautiful Health.

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