From soup to cake.  9 zucchini dishes worth cooking

From soup to cake. 9 zucchini dishes worth cooking

If squash or zucchini appears in your refrigerator, this story often ends with rings fried in flour/eggs/mayonnaise. However, these fruits, according to the botanical classification, have much greater potential. From zucchini you can cook healthy pasta, lasagna, light pancakes and soups. We’ve rounded up 9 zucchini recipes that will improve your diet this summer.

It is worth starting with the appetizer: although zucchini is usually stewed, it can also be eaten raw. For example, Yevgeny Klobotenko prepares a quick zucchini salad, as well as cold gazpacho soup made with raw cucumbers and zucchini. These dishes are prepared in a few minutes, have a refreshing taste and reveal zucchini from an unusual side.

The texture of zucchini also makes it an ideal alternative to low-carb and healthy alternatives to Italian dishes like lasagna and pasta.

Light pancakes from zucchini are very popular, which can be a light and complete meal, for example, breakfast. In addition, the usual pancakes can be slightly transformed and make a salty zucchini pancake.

Well, if you want to reduce frying processes to a minimum, cook zucchini according to one of the recipes in the oven:

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