Foreigners together opposed the persecution of Russia: “Stop hating Russians”

Foreigners together opposed the persecution of Russia: “Stop hating Russians”

Foreign Internet users opposed the mass persecution of Russia and its inhabitants. They quickly called out, “Stop Hating the Russians.”

A number of foreign Internet users, among whom were representatives of different nationalities, came to the defense of the Russians, who today are under real persecution by the collective West.

Lots of people have recorded a video message saying that you can’t terrify a group of people just because they speak a different language and live in a different country.

Nobody deserves cyberbullying. Stop this hatred of the nation. Hate speech has no place in the modern world. stop hating russians

They say.

Recent events show that the notorious Western “cancellation culture” has now spread to an entire country. Western countries are not only trying to isolate Russia on the international stage, they want to ban everything Russian. Western universities cancel courses in Russian literature, stop concerts and performances of Russian artists, ban Russian athletes from competitions, and some countries go so far as to ban Russian food.

Russians do not abandon their country! Let’s help our people in Donbass and Ukraine! Donate rubles – save a life


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