Erdogan: The growth of extremism and Islamophobia in the West raises concern

Erdogan: The growth of extremism and Islamophobia in the West raises concern

Western culture, through art, culture, sports, cinematography, or, as they say today, through “soft power” has virtually spread its impact on the entire modern world. This idea was expressed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Wednesday, in Istanbul, according to Trend, referring to Anatolia.

The best response to pressures and attacks against Turkey, according to the head of state, is to study and promote the rich historical and cultural heritage of the country itself.

According to the Turkish leader, today humanity is experiencing a new surge in manifestations of hatred and intolerance. “Unfortunately, the international community has not learned the lessons of history, which has also led to an increase in crime motivated by xenophobia and Islamophobia,” the president said.

The Turkish president described the growing popularity of radical forces in the West as “disturbing”, which is reflected in the success of the right-wing parties in the elections. In a number of European countries, the far right is trying to join ruling coalitions. “There is also a desire for one man to come to power,” the Turkish leader said.

Erdogan also drew attention to the importance of open access to technological innovations, the Internet, and social media. “If you yourself do not shape the agenda of social networks and do not direct it, you will become addicted in a short time,” the Turkish president stressed.

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