Dumpling dough recipe – how to cook in boiling water

Dumpling dough recipe – how to cook in boiling water

The dough plays an important role in the preparation of dumplings. It should be soft, tender, pliable, not sticky to the hands and stick to its edges well. theLime will tell you how to make dumpling dough in boiling water so that it does not fall apart during cooking and after freezing. The final products from this test will surprise you with their great taste.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (300 g), boiling water (150 ml), salt (0.5 tsp), vegetable oil (2.5 tbsp).

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First, measure the correct amount of flour. To make the dough perfect, the flour must be sifted through a sieve. You can do this right away in the bowl where you will knead the dough for the dumplings.

Add salt and vegetable oil to the dish. Stir and make a funnel in the flour mixture, into which hot water is poured. It should be boiled until the dough boils. After pouring boiling water, immediately mix it with flour, first with a spoon so as not to burn yourself, and then with your hands. When kneading, you will immediately feel how soft and elastic the dough becomes.

Do not use the ready-made dough immediately, but leave it for 20 minutes, cover with cling film or a damp towel on top so that it is not affected by weathering. During this time, you can prepare the dumpling fillings. From this dough, you can sculpt sweet dumplings, dumplings with potatoes, meat, cabbage, etc. In general, choux pastry for dumplings is considered universal.

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