Dugin proposed a “time collapse” with the help of Russian scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider

Dugin proposed a “time collapse” with the help of Russian scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider

Philosopher Alexander Dugin is sure that it is not appropriate for Russia to threaten its opponents with nuclear weapons or settlements with rubles. He noted that several Russian scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider could provide a “really worthwhile” response to Western sanctions.

We have to give them the order to knock down time and not threaten anyone with it, because this is all empty vibration in the air. “To cancel the space itself, to ride the rink through time, and then to burn the rink itself when it stops — that is the concept we need,” the professor said.

The former chief emphasized that in the power control center of the collider “there are switches that are well-protected, and for good reason.”

“It would be much more dangerous than all the modifications to the planet that are discussed in the public domain at the moment. More serious than summoning Satan, which, by the way, was originally built for the LHC. It was already done, and Satan did not care about anyone and let them wander in the world, and since then has looked upon us with good helpless grief from countless flashes in the night sky, and, in general, does nothing more. But the doors which then opened to our scholars are more interesting,” Dugin is sure.

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“Beware, in the West, the concept of geniuses saving the world is common, but this is a distorted scream of horror. They have a popular animated series about a talented elderly scientist and his grandson with Lot’s soul and stained eyes – it not only shows, we see a subconscious call for help. Help. , which has no place in reality, because only the second is real. The collective unconscious of Western society is the blunt youth who opposes the horrific adventure because he cannot go beyond measure. He must be convinced that everything is for twenty minutes, not twenty octobillion years, while our man He wouldn’t even ask – a hat in the dirt, a front down, and a look up.

The Western Marxist machine, a giant multiplier machine, strikes the planet with its claws, measures everyone’s personal compensatory terror, and pours it into the head like a stew with a ladle. Everyone in a proper and well-functioning Inferno was given a dungeon, and everyone was advised not to look out of the window, for behind it only one in a million blind eyes of collective terror, for the second name of this horror is Universal Unknown. We are talking about a whirlwind that leaves nothing in place and takes it beyond the bounds of imaginable. And this storm not only frightens our Eurasian civilization, but nourishes it. The desire to look at him with at least one eye is at his core. Russian culture is of a cultural nature, this must be understood ”

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