Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Tatyana Semenova spoke on the opening day of the All-Russian Forum of Medical Students and Pharmacy

Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Tatyana Semenova spoke on the opening day of the All-Russian Forum of Medical Students and Pharmacy

The 7th All-Russian Forum of Medical Students and Pharmacy Students kicked off in Kaluga Region with the 1st All-Russian Forum of Medical Students and Young Doctors “Time Pulse”, held by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The forum is held for the exchange of experiences in the field of student self-governance, projects and programs of young students as part of the training of medical and pharmaceutical professionals and aims to create conditions for personal and professional development, positive self-realization and professional self. -determination.

For three days, young professionals in medical and pharmaceutical fields participate in master classes, seminars and thematic sections. As a result of the forum, young medical professionals will develop initiatives aimed at developing the healthcare system, improving the staff training system, and improving the quality of medical care. The brightest initiatives will be presented by the forum participants during the plenary session of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko.

On the first day of the forum, Tatyana Semenova, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, presented a report on personnel policy in the field of health care during the panel discussion. The Deputy Minister stressed that the main aspects and trends today are aimed at increasing life expectancy, active longevity and reducing mortality.

The Russian health care system today faces several major challenges. The most important thing is to ensure the quality and accessibility of medical care. One of the main tasks facing our country is a positive demographic policy, because our country is large. Tatyana Semenova said that everything that is done in it is done by people’s hands.

The Deputy Minister of Health indicated that 654,000 doctors and about 1.5 million specialists with secondary medical education are currently participating in the state system. Ensuring the flow of personnel in the healthcare system is due to the higher medical education system.

– In the personnel policy we have a concept of the influx of young professionals. The influx of young professionals is provided by graduates of educational organizations that train medical personnel. In the education component, Tatyana Semenova emphasized that one of the main paths of how to form the future doctor is the path of youth policy.

According to the deputy minister, the youth policy is also connected with the development of higher medical education. A more detailed youth policy allows important decisions to be made within the industry.

Tatyana Semenova also noted that over the past few years, Russian medical institutions have been actively implementing a new model of a medical organization based on lean production technologies, which, first of all, reduce the patient’s waiting time for a doctor’s appointment, and also increase the time that the doctor dedicates to the patient Directly, including by reducing the amount of paperwork. The new model for the medical institution also makes it possible to redistribute patient flows, plan the purchase and storage of medicines and medical devices in a medical institution with maximum efficiency. Currently, there are 33 Lean Technology Training Centers and more than 160 additional vocational educational programs in Russia.

A frugal clinic is one that saves time, life and health for patients. Today we have small universities and simple clinics. In fact, these are the very basic technologies, techniques that allow you to effectively manage time, and are the most valuable resource for us, – said Tatyana Semenova.

In addition to employment issues, digitization is a particularly important direction in the development of the health care system.

The main elements of today’s health care system are gaining new features. We do not have a separate path for the announced industry digital transformation. But despite this, this is an important element that is celebrated throughout the country, – said the deputy minister.


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