Blago White – About the difference between Russian and Western culture, revival of battles and theater

Blago White – About the difference between Russian and Western culture, revival of battles and theater

WB: Is there any prize you would like to receive?

Blago: Grammy, probably. I know the Grammys are just guys who think you can get a prize. This is an opinion. But I’m still striving for, damn, who doesn’t want a Grammy?

WB: Previously, it seemed impossible, but your faith earned it. It seems to be getting closer and more realistic.

Blago: The Russians have been receiving Grammys for a very long time, and they are the composers. Stravinsky. Love the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. I always watched this when I was young. I would like them to pour mud on me. And of course the MTV Video Music Awards.

WB: I know Big Mama has supported you, and created the MIR Creative Association. Tell me what it is? This story is not entirely on the surface.

Blago: will explain. Mir is a planet, it is peace and the abbreviation MIR is made in Russia. Of course, there was a common goal – to make music and achieve success. But then we did it for fun. This was before someone blew it up. We saw how Tip exploded, then Bodyk, Platinum, and then something could be done for us. We just made the music we wanted. Now we are developing the studio, merch, the team is expanding. We are thinking more and more about how to become something global.

DP: I’ve never heard that MIR codes are decoded as Made in Russia. Fabulous.

Blago: Let it rain.

DP: Your distorted Russian language has become a kind of chip. Is there something, about this, that you don’t really want to master to perfection? So as not to lose this chip.

Blago: I tried to learn Russian before it all exploded. And I did not like it very much, and forced myself, having to write in italics. I realized that this is not me. And quite scored on it. But I think my Russian has improved a lot. I see it for myself. If you need to write something in Russian, I can. If you need something to read, I can. Of course, great texts – I’m a little lost. On the contrary, I want to know the language more. Someone said: “No, that’s fine, you don’t learn Russian. If you learn Russian, things will get worse. ” And I think Russian is such a rich language that if you know it and English, you will have the opportunity to play in both languages. You might intentionally say something wrong because you know it looks classy. You have no limits. You can learn the rules and know that they are not that important. Yesterday, Big Mama said that Blago is the Russian Yoda.


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