Applications: Latest news of Russia and the world – Kommersant HR-Technologies (145811)

Applications: Latest news of Russia and the world – Kommersant HR-Technologies (145811)

Today, when domestic pharmaceutical companies encounter difficulties in providing imported raw materials and laboratory materials, it is especially noticeable how much Russia needs to establish domestic production of medicines. One of the most important conditions for launching projects aimed at substituting medicines for imports is the issue of hiring professional staff.

The more Russian manufacturers were able to localize drugs in the main classifications of diseases at their enterprises and establish a full production cycle in Russia, the more confident Russians would be in the availability of drugs.

First of all, the transition to import substitution requires a larger number of qualified personnel. Pharmaceutical production places high demands on professionals, and this complicates the search for potential candidates, especially when completely new teams need to be hired in a short time. In the current situation, HR professionals have to base their strategy on local employees and thus have the function of training, selecting, staffing, training and adapting to them. We solve this problem thanks to our hiring. Valenta Pharm started building a strong team of in-house recruiters even before it became prevalent in the HR market, and today we have, in fact, our very own micro-recruitment agency.

In addition to external employment, one of the training tools is interaction with universities, since Valenta Pharm is developing cooperation programs with specialized universities, including the First Moscow Medical University. I.M. Sechenov, PFUR, MGIMO, MSU FFM. Such work requires a large participation of business resources, but companies that can properly build it will close the problem of shortage of specialized personnel for a long time. Our HR department representatives, along with business people, hold meetings and lectures for senior students. For example, one of the recent lectures for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the RUDN Medical Institute dealt with the profession of a product manager in the pharmaceutical business.

An important aspect of selection is the key competencies of employees in changing market conditions. Thus, the company’s approved “Valenta Employee Profile” form in 2019 demonstrated its relevance in the current situation and allows our employees to respond successfully to all external challenges.

Pandemic testing has emphasized the importance of an effective corporate internal communications system. In the current situation of uncertainty, this tool is no less important in the arsenal of human resources. Conduct company-wide public rooms: webcasts where senior managers talk about current events, share plans and answer questions from colleagues, regular meetings of department heads with their employees to explain short-term tasks to colleagues, analysis of results, analysis of causes of failures, communication tools Digital are all tools that are effectively used in daily work.

The mood of employees is supported by surveys on business processes in the company, the work of management, benefits and the system of material rewards. And they themselves, who see the opportunities and prospects offered by working at Valenta Pharm, realize their responsibility in relation to the company, and strive for professional and personal growth.

The company’s HR strategy has already proven effective over three years of implementation – for example, in 2020-2021, Valenta Pharm not only canceled one project, but also accelerated the implementation of long-term plans in all areas of the business. The main driver for the development of the HR function is the close cooperation and partnership with the business sector. For example, thanks to a well-coordinated and high-quality work with the company’s research and development departments, Valenta Pharm has become one of the leaders among pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of the number of approved clinical trials of new products in 2021.

In the work of the production complex in the same period, the task of increasing the production of the antiviral drug Ingavirin more than twice was successfully carried out without increasing production costs. To this end, all bottlenecks in production processes were analyzed, additional shifts were involved for employees, and the continuous work of the RPC was organized 24/7.

These are just two of the latest and most striking operational examples, thanks to which it is already clear that in the long run we remain true to our HR goals, continue to develop the company’s brand as an employer, attract/retain the best professional employees and further develop the HR business partnership function.

Briefly, I’ll point out that: The most important thing we’ve realized over the past two years is that manufacturing companies can be engines of change. Of course, not without state assistance, which introduces economic support programs and reduces bureaucratic barriers to the effective operation of enterprises.

Director of Human Resources at the pharmaceutical company “Valenta Pharm” Ekaterina Berestova


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