Advanced technologies allow Tyumen doctors to save patients’ lives

Advanced technologies allow Tyumen doctors to save patients’ lives

Many new advanced technologies were mastered by doctors of the Tyumen region at one time. Doctors are now able to treat even patients’ hard-to-reach tumors. Thanks to modern equipment and the skill of doctors, hundreds of lives have already been saved.

Pensioner Tatyana Nikolaevna has already begun to slowly walk along the hospital corridor, actively recovering. Two days ago, she underwent surgery to remove a 5-centimeter mass from her kidney. For a long time, the woman could not understand what was happening to her body, she was worried about her poor health and had only slight back pain.

“Manufacture Ultrasound and kidney tumor was found. At first they said they would remove the kidney altogether. We talked to the doctor, and he says, if it works, we’ll save the kidneys. The tumor will be removed. And that’s what they did,” said one of the patients in the urology department of the medical unit “oil“.

Now the woman feels good, and there is a long way to recovery in the future. Successful implementation of similar urological operations on the basis of the medical unit “oil“It became possible thanks to the new high-tech equipment. A few months ago, a laparoscopic platform appeared at the institution, which is so far the only one in the Tyumen region. With its help, urologists and oncologists performed 120 surgeries. In addition, this technology allows for ultra-precise analysis of prostate cancer. Doctors have already performed 86 of these manipulations – the so-called fusion biopsies.

“no All foci in the prostate gland are clearly and in detail visible on ultrasound images, but on MRI these images are much clearer. With the help of this technology, we can connect two images, merge features and perform a more accurate biopsy,” explained the head of the oncology department at the medical unit. “oil»Alexei Ponomarev.

Today, prostate cancer is the most common oncological disease. In 2021, with such a diagnosis in “oilApproximately 500 people applied. As a surgical treatment, he saves the famous “Da Vinci robot”.

“golden The standard of care for prostate cancer is radical prostatectomy for patients with localized cancer. Its results are known, modern treatment methods allow almost 100% of patients to live for more than 5 years, therefore, in this case, the quality of life of patients is important”, said the urologist, oncologist at the medical unit “oil»Vyacheslav Sobinin.

The doctor controls the robot from a distance using robotic arms. Everything that happens is shown on TV. Minimal blood loss, quick recovery, minimal pain – this is the main advantage of the minimally invasive technique. Since 2014, doctors have performed more than 800 radical prostatectomy surgeries. Today, the Department of Oncology meets the needs of the region in the treatment of prostate adenoma.

However, techniques do not stand still, and even minimally invasive techniques have managed to improve. One of the clinic’s latest innovations is the laparoscopic removal of intervertebral hernias. Instead of three holes, surgeons make only one centimeter. They perform seemingly impossible manipulations in an airless enclosed space.

“we When we install the device, we install it with the thickness of the soft tissues of the spine. With the help of a special pump, water and salt are supplied, and in fact the process is carried out in an aquatic environment. This allows us to create a space for our processing, it is watery, and at the same time visualize the nerve roots of the spinal cord, which is important, because the most important thing is not to damage the nerve structures of the spinal cord. The doctor describes the details of the operation – the neurosurgeon “oil» Yuri Hercule.

These methods of treatment are still used only in 8 regions of Russia. The Tyumen region in this sense has to withstand serious competition. The advantage of the region is that they were able to build a comprehensive system for efficient delivery of medical and diagnostic services. That is why the Tyumen region today enjoys an unconditional status as a center of medical tourism.

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