24 people are infected with the Corona virus in the Tver region daily

24 people are infected with the Corona virus in the Tver region daily

One person died.

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to decline. According to the regional headquarters of operations, as of June 13 in the Tver region, the coronavirus was confirmed in another 24 people (on June 11, it was detected on the 25th). 53 people have recovered. One patient died, and one person was hospitalized.

In total, the coronavirus has been confirmed in the region in 163,005 cases. 2,745 people confirmed to have COVID-19 have died. 159,394 patients have recovered.

The region continues to test for coronavirus infection. Throughout the spread of the epidemic, the number of laboratory tests carried out reached 2,039,042, and 2,059 were conducted over the past day.

In the Tver region, by decision of the governor, almost all restrictions imposed on the Corona virus were canceled. The obligatory mask-making was retained only in medical institutions, and the ban on the work of hookahs is still in force. However, experts are recommending that Tvericans at risk adhere to the mask regime in all public places. The number of beds for coronavirus patients is being reduced.

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